About Us

We come from a culture where it's common to walk barefoot or wear sandals aka Huaraches, myself at a young age I used to go with my grandpa to the cornfields on foot.

In 2009 I did my first ultra, The North Face 50 miles in 8 hours 24 minutes.  The following year, I attempted my first winter ultra race, Tuscobia 150 miles.  Finally, in 2011 I had the opportunity to compete the Arrowhead 135 miles, but unfortunately I dropped at about mile 100.  

By December 2012, I knew it was another chance for me to move a little farther, so I headed for Tuscobia 150 double and self-supported with the great support of my friend Tony Oveson finished a total of 300 miles in 6 days, 17 hours, and 24 minutes.  A book about my Tuscobia 150 double was published in 2013.  Being highly motivated, I went for the Arrowhead 135 double unsupported in January 2013, just 25 days of recovery from Tuscobia 300, but without success.      

However, I did not give up, and in January 2014 I finally completed Arrowhead 135 double (270 miles) fully unsupported in 6 days, 14 hours and 2 minutes, becoming the first person ever in doing the unsupported version and second after a good friend, Chris Scotch, who did his in 2013 self-supported.  

The many experiences of trail running inspired me to do my first 50 K in sandals - the Marquette 50 K in August 2014.  I wanted to test my limits and conquer the Superior 100 miles in September 2014 with my very own handmade sandals, and completed the race in Huaraches style on the wet and muddy trail.      

As a result, this began the creation of RM-Gear in December 2014...

January 2015 a second edition of the book 300 Mile Man was released (Triple Crown edition). 

We decided to launch are own business and offer outdoor garments designed for Arrowhead, Tuscobia, and Superior as well as other trail races.  We believe that if our products perform well on these trails, then they will support any races.  We personally craft and manufacture our gear using well-performed and high quality materials as with other established companies.  However, what makes us stand out is firsthand experience as an ultra-distance runner, we know what missing components necessary to withstand these races, and we design these specific elements into our gear to serve that purpose.  

We are located in Minnesota, home of the Arrowhead trail and Superior hiking trail - a perfect venue to test our prototypes.